New Zealand is often considered one of the ‘must visit’ places for cyclists who are looking for a new adventure. There is so much to enjoy while in New Zealand, from the rugged landscape to the lush vegetation and winding roads. The region is rich in tourist attractions, with so much choice it can be hard to pick where to go. The adventure is best taken on two wheels. Some of the most popular cycling routes that are worth exploring include the following.

Lake Taupo Lap

This area covers a distance of approximately 152 kilometres and starts from Taupo in Waikato. It stretches to the shores of Lake Taupo which is New Zealand’s biggest lake. Climbing above the lake is considered the challenging part of the trip. After that, things become relatively easy.

The Forgotten Coast

The distance is slightly above 100 kilometres, and it starts from Opotiki. You should bear in mind that the ride will not be along sandy beaches. You will manoeuvre through rugged terrains and up steep climbs. However, the slightly difficult ride will be made easier by the scenery of sparkling water, and the white islands. There are also interesting stop points where you can grab a meal and then proceed with your ride.

Hauraki Rail Trail

This trail lies in the Southern side of Auckland is found in the town of Thames. Over the years, the Hauraki rail trail has been expanding due to a large number of cyclists who visit. One of the attractions in this area is the Karangahake Gorge, where cyclists can take a well-deserved break and explore what is inside it.

The Timber Trail

This ride offers an adventure full of history and thrills. The scenery is unique and breathtaking, and being on a suspension bridge, will set your adrenaline high. It is a good place for both intermediates and experts, who want to add a new challenge to their riding experience. The timber trail is on the bucket list of most cyclists.

Grape Ride

This trail starts from Blenheim and takes cyclists through vineyards and alongside water bodies. The greenery and lush vegetation make it a perfect place for cyclists who are looking for ways to relieve stress. Resist the urge to make regular stops to taste wine, as it may derail you and prevent you from finishing the 63 miles stretch which the Grape ride provides.

Queen Charlotte Trail

This trail is one of the places which is always thronged by cyclists and hikers. It was once a walking trail but has now been converted; cyclists and hikers can both use the trail. It is popular for views of the coast, lush vegetation and serene environment. It is typically open all year round, other than during summer when one section is closed.